Looking for a true adventure? Look no further.

m_dsc_5921Renowned Italian photographer, journalist and explorer Luca Bracali has announced his 2017 workshop schedule, with locations including India, Norway, Namibia and Iceland, among others.

I met Luca in Italy while attending the 2016 Siena International Photography Awards (SIPA) Contest event and the Siena Art Photo Travel Festival and quickly learned that not only is he a talented photographer, but extremely passionate and dedicated to his true calling — shedding light on environmental issues around the world. In other words, he is one incredible and super awesome human. (Fun fact: the Siena photo festival drew 50,000 photographs from 130 different countries — Luca himself has traveled to 138 countries in the past 20 years!)

photo-workshop-2017_eng_11Luca has written and photographed several features for National Geographic. He is also a Fujifilm X photographer and works with scientists around the world on environmental issues such as climate change. Learn more about Luca’s experience, publications and awards on his Wikipedia page here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Luca_Bracali

dscf0234_dscf0230Luca’s small group workshops are carefully designed around natural environments and wildlife, local culture and the best light conditions for each location and season.

Sebastiano Scollo, a repeat client, said the incredible locations in conjunction with Luca’s passion for the planet, cultural and scientific knowledge and an easygoing teaching style make the workshop experience “a true adventure.”


For more details (including information in English) go to Luca’s website, click on the workshops tab and fill out the contact form (Contattami): http://www.lucabracali.it/

See detailed program information in English for each workshop below.

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