Photography Inspiration Around the Corner: FujiLove LIVE — Feb.25-26, 2017


Finally, I’m going to New York for the first time in February to attend the “FujiLove Live” event hosted by FujiLove Magazine at Bathhouse Studios. Here’s a great podcast at Valerie Jardin’s podcast with Fujilove Magazine editor Tomash:

I love traveling to photography events because it’s always a cultural experience and a learning experience — a chance to expand my world and meet people who share a common passion.

I’ve pasted the event details below! Get in touch if you plan to attend. I’d love to say hi. I’ll be interviewing photographers for various publications while I’m there.

Hope to see you in the Big Apple!

Event Website & Registration:

540 East 11th Street, New York


9.00-10.45 Damien Lovegrove – “Advanced Lighting and Composition in Portraiture”

11.00-12.45 Valerie Jardin – “Street Photography: First Steps and Beyond”

15.00-16.45 Elia Locardi – “Pushing the boundaries of travel photography and post-processing”

17.00-18.45 Karen Hutton – “Inside-Out: Ignite Your Creative Fire and Shift Everything”


9.00-10.45 Elia Locardi – “The Art of Aerial Drone Photography and Videography”

11.00-12.45 Valerie Jardin and Karen Hutton – “Visual Storytelling”

15.00-16.45 Damien Lovegrove – “Practical Demonstration of Hollywood Glamour Portraits”

17.30-19.00 PANEL DISCUSSION (Tomash, Valerie, Karen, Damien, Elia)

19.00-21.00 Aperitif with all the photographers and guests


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