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“Photography isn’t looking, it’s feeling. If you can’t feel what you’re looking at, then you’re never going to get others to feel anything when they look at your pictures.” — Don McCullin #WednesdayWisdom — ICP (@ICPhotog) April 18, 2018 Speaking of photography, emotion and the power of the image, check out the new Paris-based book created by French-American street photographer Valerie Jardin and British … Continue reading Today’s Inspiration

“Just me, the camera & the stories that present themselves….”

Congrats to my friend Jens Krauer, a Swiss Fujifilm X-PHotographer Jens Krauer on his brilliant new production, “GFX Mash Up” by Jens Krauer x Billingham & Peak Design. Take a look as he visits Langstrasse in Zurich with the GFX 50S and GF110mmF2 R LM WR and documents the eclectic people in the area. *Filmed in 4K on X-T2 Continue reading “Just me, the camera & the stories that present themselves….”

A Culture on the Edge: Luca Bracali Documents the Disappearing “Reindeer Men” of Mongolia

When photojournalist and conservationist Luca Bracali first told me of his recent return trip to document the nomadic Tsaatan people of Mongolia, I didn’t fully understand the scale or scope of his journey. Now, via his reportage in National Geographic Italia, it is possible to peer inside this incredible and shrinking world. See the full image set via the article here and an English translation below.

Gli ultimi uomini renna della Mongolia

Sono gli ultimi testimoni di un tempo. Oggi di questa grande etnia millenaria e di origine turca si contano solamente 50 famiglie. Conosciuti anche come Tsaatan o uomini-renna, i Dukha sono “il popolo della taiga” oppure, come loro stessi amano definirsi, “i cavalieri delle r

*Translated for context from the original text in Italian by Luca Bracali

They are the last witnesses of an era. Today in the new millennium, only about 50 families, originally of Turkish origin, remain. Also known as Tsaatan or reindeer men, the Dukha are “the people of the taiga” or, as they themselves like to define themselves, “the reindeer men.”

We are on the border between Mongolia and Siberia, in a remote and isolated area covered with fir trees and larches, in a portion of that which is the largest forest in the Northern Hemisphere.

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FujiLove Live 2017 Recap: Never Stop Learning

Street photography with Valerie Jardin **Thank you to Swiss FujiX photographer Jens Krauer for sharing images from the event. Check out his work here: FujiLove Magazine editor Tomasz (Tomash) Trzebiatowski had never been to New York City when he began planning the FujiLove Live conference held February 25-26. But bringing photographers from around the world to the Big Apple was a big part of his … Continue reading FujiLove Live 2017 Recap: Never Stop Learning

Experience of a Lifetime: Sea Eagles in Lofoten Archipelago!

Gunnar Skjeseth deftly maneuvers his 11-meter high performance RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boat) through the rough swells out of the harbor at Svolvær, Norway and slows at a series of rock outcroppings just offshore across the bay. He looks up towards the rocky ledges and whistles. Nothing. He whistles again, then throws a herring to the gulls. When the gulls start screaming, he said, the eagles … Continue reading Experience of a Lifetime: Sea Eagles in Lofoten Archipelago!