My French nose saved my teeth: Mindfulness, creativity and taking on 2018 with purpose

Take a listen to street photographer Valérie Jardin’s inspiring and sometimes humorous end-of-year podcast with guest Karen Hutton as the pair take on a wide range of topics, from being bold enough to celebrate your own unique style and realistically pacing projects to artistic intent, physical health and avoiding creative burnout.

Hit The Streets 67: Wishing You A Creative 2018

Karen Hutton is a professional light bender and storyteller. That"s shorthand for her style of fine art landscape photography, and the fact that she"s also a voiceover artist, online show host, writer, speaker and teacher. She lives in the Sierra Nevada mountains of California. You can find her at

**Cover image by French street photographer René Maltête (1930-2000)


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    Thank you so much for commenting! I found the podcast really valuable — she and Karen are so honest and giving in their conversation. It’s quite refreshing. Happy New Year!

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