Capture of the Day: Marcus Puschmann

Marcus Puschmann is a German photographer and blogger who publishes one of my favorite photography blogs, “Streets of Nuremberg.” He loves travel and enjoys sharing images and information about locations, settings & gear, which I appreciate so much.

In a “small world” twist, I realized awhile back that Marcus was traveling to my home of the Pacific Northwest USA for work. He’s a mergers & acquisitions consultant “by day.” I hope to meet him in person sometime in the near future.

I especially love his images of the Astoria bridge and Oregon coast featured here. The bridge connects Oregon state and Washington state at the mouth of the great Columbia River (near where explorers Meriwether Lewis and William Clark & their party overwintered in 1805-1806). Something about the photo makes me forget I’ve crossed that bridge a million times. Seeing one’s home through another’s eyes and lens can be quite inspiring.

Follow Marcus on Instagram here:

and on Flickr here:

Thanks for your art & inspiration, Marcus!


1 Comment on Capture of the Day: Marcus Puschmann

  1. Thanks so much for your kind words, Gina, I feel really honored to be featured on your blog. And I’m really looking forward meeting you in person one of the next times I’m up in Portland. Marcus

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