Twice a year, on July 2 and August 16, the Tuscan town of Siena, Italy goes wild for Palio, the famous horse race that dates back to the 13th Century. Thanks to Siena International Photography Awards (SIPA) founder and photographer Luca Venturi, for sharing a link where you can watch the festivities leading up to race day and the main event live on July 2! Stay tuned — I’ll be sharing some of Luca’s photos here post Palio, as well as more details about the history, passion and intrigue about this culturally significant and complex race. As they say in Siena, Il Palio e vita (The Palio is life).

The Palio di Siena: A Survivor’s Tale

Crowds and chaotic thrills at the thunderous, lawless, medieval-style horse race in Siena, Italy. Crowds gather in Siena as horses are selected for the race. Credit Credit Andy Haslam for The New York Times When Hunter S. Thompson took the English artist Ralph Steadman to the Kentucky Derby in 1970, he tried to prepare him for the chaos into which they were descending.

*Featured image copyright Gina Williams

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