Iceland: Like A Boss

When I traveled to Iceland in January 2016, the sun rose in a pathetic little arc for only about three-and-a-half hours per day, but the low light was golden and beautiful while it lasted. The darkness did make dealing with jet lag a little more challenging though. Thanks to a great resource listed below, I survived “like a boss.” I, like many other visitors, arrived … Continue reading Iceland: Like A Boss

Lost and Found

A brief shout out to Found Poetry Review for their excellent outreach to the “masses” to inspire, inform, demystify and teach the art of experimental poetry. I was notified recently that a poem of mine has been selected as an honorable mention winner in this year’s experimental category by the Oregon Poetry Association. It’s a piece I wrote last year during FPR’s April Poetry Month … Continue reading Lost and Found

An Art of Observation

“To me, photography is an art of observation. It’s about finding something interesting in an ordinary place… I’ve found it has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them.” – Elliott Erwitt I started a family newspaper when I was about eight or nine. I went on to become a journalist for a small town … Continue reading An Art of Observation

So, Here We Are

I’m heading to Seattle tomorrow on the train from Portland and in preparing am reminded of this piece of mine published by The Boiler journal. I’m looking forward to the weekend — spending time in a great city with my sons, visiting grandma, walking the streets with my camera, and learning something new about the world, which is always the case and always gratifying if … Continue reading So, Here We Are

A Question of Color

“It is the norm for street photography to be in black and white. People almost expect it to be in black and white. Personally however, I much prefer to shoot in colour and very rarely put out black and white images.” –Chris Gouge from his new Street Photography Magazine piece, “Why I Shoot in Colour.” I love this article (you can access it with the … Continue reading A Question of Color

London Calling

Thanks to Street Photography Magazine for the opportunity to cover the street aspects of the upcoming Photo London 2016 photography exhibition for the magazine in May! Follow festival news on Twitter at #PhotoLondonFair16. More details HERE: *Above image public domain from Bishopsgate Institute Continue reading London Calling

Bring on the Sun!

I’ve thought about doing an entire street series on Portlander’s freaking out over a sun spotting. The squinting. The jubilation. The luxuriating. But mastering bright light shooting can be a challenge. I found some great advice for handling the “magic orb” as we call it here. Some of these images came out pretty cool. Others need some work. Here are some ideas to try: Put … Continue reading Bring on the Sun!

Feeling the Bern in PDX

March 25, 2016 The people came in waves as the light rail trains and buses emptied. It was a cold spring day spitting rain. Some camped out over night, starting at 2 a.m. Most arrived around 8 a.m. #BirdieSanders wouldn’t arrive until almost 1 p.m. The crowd of more than 19,000 wound all the way around the Rose Quarter convention Center. I stood in line … Continue reading Feeling the Bern in PDX

Beneath the Bridge

It’s like the person the items belonged to has been taken up in the Rapture. That’s what I think when I see “left behind” things around the city. Like these old shoes under Portland’s Burnside Bridge. Like a pair of perfectly good mittens by the side of the freeway or a baby stroller abandoned on the sidewalk. The other day, I saw a woman’s dress … Continue reading Beneath the Bridge