Capture of the Day: Majid Saeedi

I met Iranian photographer Majid Saeedi at the Siena International Photo Awards event in Siena, Italy last October. I had already interviewed him for Street Photography Magazine, but it was an honor to meet him in person. I later wrote this piece about him for LensCulture: As you’ll read in LensCulture, Majid has seen and been through a lot as a war photographer, a career he … Continue reading Capture of the Day: Majid Saeedi

Let Your Heart Be Your Compass: Podcast with Street Photographer Valerie Jardin!

Thank you so much to street photographer, instructor, storyteller and light whisperer Valerie Jardin for the great honor of including me as a guest on her “Hit the Streets” podcast (of which I am a huge fan) recently. Take a listen as we chat about changing up our lives, following dreams and working hard to keep it all going. Thanks again, Valerie. I appreciate you … Continue reading Let Your Heart Be Your Compass: Podcast with Street Photographer Valerie Jardin!

Interview: LensCulture Managing Editor Alexander Strecker

I recently had the great honor to meet with Alexander Strecker, managing editor of contemporary photography powerhouse LensCulture at his Paris office. Alexander’s background as a writer and photographer, as well as his journey from his hometown of Boston to living and working in Paris intrigued me, so I followed up with him. He was kind enough to answer my questions with thoughtful, thought-provoking and … Continue reading Interview: LensCulture Managing Editor Alexander Strecker

Photographer Profile: Luca Bracali

FujiLove Magazine recently published an article I wrote on renowned Italian photojournalist, explorer and conservationist Luca Bracali. Over the past year, I’ve traveled the world interviewing amazing artists like Luca who are dedicated to making a difference in the world. For them, being an accomplished practitioner & commercially and/or artistically successful isn’t enough. The common denominators between them are passion and a strong desire to … Continue reading Photographer Profile: Luca Bracali

Artist Profile: Photographer Lou Jones

During my recent travels to Europe, I had a long layover in Boston. I tracked down photographer Lou Jones in advance & was lucky enough that the timing worked for us to connect and meet in person. Well, it wasn’t all luck. Lou dashed back from teaching at New York City’s PhotoPlus Expo to make it to our appointment and I am ever grateful. This … Continue reading Artist Profile: Photographer Lou Jones

A Matter of Light

In his collection of essays, “What Light Can Do,” former U.S. poet laureate and Pulitzer Prize winner Robert Hass writes that our lost attention to “light,” to what is before us in terms of grace and understanding in the smallest of moments, is a tragedy with huge impacts on the collective and individual psyche. I agree and put together a small album called “A Matter … Continue reading A Matter of Light