The Magic of Infrared

Infrared photography has long been an interest of mine. I shot a little infrared film in college and have dabbled in it ever since. One aspect of photography that I’m fascinated with is capturing a view of the world that is real and surreal at once. I also experiment occasionally with long exposure digital infrared using an IR filter. Recently, I finally had my old … Continue reading The Magic of Infrared

PDX Trending in Japan

As someone who grew up near Portland, Oregon, USA, the current hipness is interesting to me. I started taking the bus alone into Portland from my small farming town of Sherwood just to go to Powell’s City of Books, which is now a tourist destination. I still have some of the books I carried home on the bus in recycled brown paper grocery bags. I … Continue reading PDX Trending in Japan

Farewell to Orpheus

Take a stroll through the Portland State University (PSU) campus in downtown Portland, OR USA and you’re bound to come across “Farewell to Orpheus.” I was there yesterday, enjoyed seeing the fountain pool filled with fallen leaves, and wanted to know more about the statue’s history. It was created by former PSU art professor Frederic Littman, a Hungarian-born and Paris educated artist, in 1968. Professor … Continue reading Farewell to Orpheus

Portland Art Museum Goes All Out with Warhol Retrospective

Unfortunately, big-time art retrospectives are rare here in Stumptown, kind of like giant metal shows (waiting for you, Iron Maiden!) and big Broadway productions (Hamilton won’t be here until the 2017-18 season and will probably sell out in two seconds). The new Andy Warhol print retrospective now at Portland Art Museum (PAM) however, is the REAL DEAL. “Andy Warhol: Prints from the Collections of Jordan … Continue reading Portland Art Museum Goes All Out with Warhol Retrospective

Inspired Natives: New Fashion Exhibit Turning Heads and Breaking Stereotypes

Walking by the Portland, Oregon USA Art Museum (PAM) recently, I had to stop to take in the gorgeous panel images advertising a new exhibit, Native Fashion Now. After reading that the show is a one-of-a-kind traveling exhibition that will be leaving Portland in September for upcoming runs in Oklahoma and NYC, I pitched the story to 1859 Magazine and was lucky enough to get … Continue reading Inspired Natives: New Fashion Exhibit Turning Heads and Breaking Stereotypes

From the Hip….or Not

I received some street photography advice recently to avoid “shooting from the hip” and to slow down and take more time to frame shots. On the other hand, in a workshop, we practiced shooting from the hip as a way to avoid disturbing the scene and capture life as it happens, without interjecting oneself into the surroundings. I don’t always shoot from the hip, but … Continue reading From the Hip….or Not

Nostalgic For 20 Seconds Ago

Imagine landing a photography commission from Converse at age 15 and then having your career explode like fireworks. That’s the story of ultra-talented 22-year-old photographer Olivia Bee, a Portlander (Oregon) who is now based in Brooklyn. In January, she was featured as one of Forbe’s “30 under 30” to watch list of artists and style innovators. Olivia will be back home in Stumptown this weekend … Continue reading Nostalgic For 20 Seconds Ago