“It can be a hard question to answer, ‘Why do you shoot?’ especially if you shoot street photography. In his post, Nico Goodden gets personal about the difficult circumstances that led him to become a photographer. We all have our reasons and Nico’s set of reasons might differ from your own, but he gets it. He has come to an understanding so deep he can even … Continue reading WHY?

Make Rejection Your Goal

I have an essay out in the latest issue of River Teeth Literary Journal. The piece, “Dark Secrets of Mother Trees,” reminds me that when it comes to writing, it’s important to slow down and let the words come. And to let the science of the world transform itself into art and poetry. And to be okay with rejection. This essay wasn’t picked up on … Continue reading Make Rejection Your Goal

Photographing at the Speed of Life

“Street photography means having to deal with time, which requires the photographer to quickly notice the various details, elements and factors, that are present in the potential subject. The photographer must then determine which of the elements are to be included or excluded from the frame. The effective organization of the various details and factors is determined by accurate framing and precise timing of the … Continue reading Photographing at the Speed of Life

Public Domain Bliss: New York Public Library’s Digital Collections

Collage is one of my favorite mediums and I often use vintage images when creating work, usually beginning with a base of my own photography. But copyright is always a concern so I’m very careful to make sure all of my images come from the public domain. One of the best resources I’ve found is the New York Public Library’s digital collection. The images are … Continue reading Public Domain Bliss: New York Public Library’s Digital Collections

The Collecting Place

The word “photography” is derived from the Greek words for light and writing or drawing. To write with light is an attempt, I suppose, to net the soul of this life and the invisible fibers of our existence with shadows and illumination. Sometimes at night, I go for runs and walks alone in the city, looking for shadows to net with the camera obscura in … Continue reading The Collecting Place

Humans Being

I started a photography project a few years ago that just might continue on until I can no longer make a picture. It’s called “Humans Being” and it now spans the globe. I’m looking forward to taking the show on the road again soon and capturing new images during upcoming travel to London, Paris & Yellowknife, Northern Territories in Canada. Here’s a selection.   I’m … Continue reading Humans Being

An Art of Observation

“To me, photography is an art of observation. It’s about finding something interesting in an ordinary place… I’ve found it has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them.” – Elliott Erwitt I started a family newspaper when I was about eight or nine. I went on to become a journalist for a small town … Continue reading An Art of Observation

The magic of creation

Collage is one of my favorite art forms. I think it’s the magic of how an image presents itself slowly through the layering and combining process.I use my own photographs, textures, textiles, pencil & paint, as well as public domain images for collage work. If you’re interested, a couple of great sites for public domain images and graphics are the following: Vintage Printable: http://vintageprintable.com/ and … Continue reading The magic of creation