Photography Inspiration Around the Corner: FujiLove LIVE — Feb.25-26, 2017

Finally, I’m going to New York for the first time in February to attend the “FujiLove Live” event hosted by FujiLove Magazine at Bathhouse Studios. Here’s a great podcast at Valerie Jardin’s podcast with Fujilove Magazine editor Tomash: I love traveling to photography events because it’s always a cultural experience and a learning experience — a chance to expand my world and meet people who … Continue reading Photography Inspiration Around the Corner: FujiLove LIVE — Feb.25-26, 2017

Artist Profile: Photographer Lou Jones

During my recent travels to Europe, I had a long layover in Boston. I tracked down photographer Lou Jones in advance & was lucky enough that the timing worked for us to connect and meet in person. Well, it wasn’t all luck. Lou dashed back from teaching at New York City’s PhotoPlus Expo to make it to our appointment and I am ever grateful. This … Continue reading Artist Profile: Photographer Lou Jones

Iceland in a Nutshell and on a Budget!

Iceland is SPECTACULAR. The landscapes, the culture. It’s a photographer’s dream and a nature lover’s wonderland. And the capitol city of Reykjavik is full of activity and art and fun to explore.There’s really nothing not to love about this beautiful little northern island country. But it’s also very expensive and the now bustling tourism industry will empty your pockets if you let it. I recently … Continue reading Iceland in a Nutshell and on a Budget!

On Human Rights Day: Albert Kahn and His Archives of the Planet

I desperately wanted to see the Albert Kahn Museum and gardens in Paris the last time I was there in October, but it’s undergoing a long-term renovation. Japanese architect Kengo Kuma won the design contract of a new 2,300-m² building. The museum will also feature new housing for prints and a 120-seat auditorium, as well as the opening of a Japanese tea room and a … Continue reading On Human Rights Day: Albert Kahn and His Archives of the Planet

Luca Venturi: Passion and A Vision

“When I’m behind my camera I think nothing but taking a shot that will remind me the same emotions I’m experiencing in that instant. It the only time when my mind is as free as it was when I was child.” -Luca Venturi Is there anything better than something amazing built from scratch, beginning with nothing but an idea? Luca Venturi, an amateur (and really, … Continue reading Luca Venturi: Passion and A Vision

Art Photo Travel: Siena

Siena, Italy is about to explode in an eruption of art and activity surrounding the 2016 Siena International Photography Awards and Art Photo Travel Festival Oct. 28-Nov. 30, 2016. I’m looking forward to reporting on this second annual event that brilliantly brings art, culture, education, architecture, food & more together in an amazing Tuscan city for an entire month. Check it out & stay tuned … Continue reading Art Photo Travel: Siena

Street Focus!

I’m not a very idle person so sitting down to watch a television series or listen to a podcast isn’t usually on my radar. But street photographer Valerie Jardin’s podcast “Street Focus — An on-going exploration of urban photography” is so excellent and informative that I now have a new workout routine. During weekdays at my “day job” in downtown Portland, Oregon USA I zip … Continue reading Street Focus!

Humans Being

I started a photography project a few years ago that just might continue on until I can no longer make a picture. It’s called “Humans Being” and it now spans the globe. I’m looking forward to taking the show on the road again soon and capturing new images during upcoming travel to London, Paris & Yellowknife, Northern Territories in Canada. Here’s a selection.   I’m … Continue reading Humans Being