Siena bound

I got into Florence, Italy very late last night & arrived at my room at Hotel Angelica near midnight. It turns out the lovely woman who checked me in after hours was Angelica herself.  This morning, after two delicious cappuccinos & a long walk, she sent me off to the train station (conveniently right around the corner) with hugs & kisses. Now that’s service!  She told … Continue reading Siena bound

Ready, Set, Siena

I’m all packed up and ready to make the leap to Italy today with a layover in Amsterdam that I plan on taking full advantage of with a long city walk. It’s time once again for the Siena International Photography Awards (SIPA) event & Festival in beautiful Tuscany. I’m looking forward to meeting photographers around the world and reuniting with friends from Pistoia to Switzerland … Continue reading Ready, Set, Siena

A Perfect Peace: Red Canyons & Earthen Domes

“Be still and the earth will speak to you.” –Navajo Proverb I recently flew into Las Vegas & rented a car for a whirlwind canyon lands tour to handle a few freelance assignments. The entire journey was outstanding. I finally took the plunge and purchased a new-to-me Fuji X-T1 as well & am certainly enjoying getting to know this amazing little machine. The beauty of … Continue reading A Perfect Peace: Red Canyons & Earthen Domes

Guest Post: Tuscany’s Hidden Gem by Michela Ricciarelli

I had the great pleasure of visiting the magical Tuscan city of Pistoia in March when I traveled there with renowned Pistoian photographer Luca Bracali. Michela Ricciarelli is lucky enough to also claim the charming Medieval town as her birthplace — and who better than a passionate local to provide authentic insight, photos and travel tips. Thank you, Michela! Pistoia, Tuscany’s Hidden Gem: More than … Continue reading Guest Post: Tuscany’s Hidden Gem by Michela Ricciarelli

Let Your Heart Be Your Compass: Podcast with Street Photographer Valerie Jardin!

Thank you so much to street photographer, instructor, storyteller and light whisperer Valerie Jardin for the great honor of including me as a guest on her “Hit the Streets” podcast (of which I am a huge fan) recently. Take a listen as we chat about changing up our lives, following dreams and working hard to keep it all going. Thanks again, Valerie. I appreciate you … Continue reading Let Your Heart Be Your Compass: Podcast with Street Photographer Valerie Jardin!

24 Hours in the Eternal City

So much has been written about what to see and do in Rome, so I decided to skip the tourist information (though here’s a great article here about some interesting city facts) and simply post a few “detail” images from my recent visit. It was my first trip to Rome and I took it all in with wonder and joy. Rome is truly, as one friend … Continue reading 24 Hours in the Eternal City

Photographer Profile: Luca Bracali

FujiLove Magazine recently published an article I wrote on renowned Italian photojournalist, explorer and conservationist Luca Bracali. Over the past year, I’ve traveled the world interviewing amazing artists like Luca who are dedicated to making a difference in the world. For them, being an accomplished practitioner & commercially and/or artistically successful isn’t enough. The common denominators between them are passion and a strong desire to … Continue reading Photographer Profile: Luca Bracali