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A Culture on the Edge: Luca Bracali Documents the Disappearing “Reindeer Men” of Mongolia

When photojournalist and conservationist Luca Bracali first told me of his recent return trip to document the nomadic Tsaatan people of Mongolia, I didn’t fully understand the scale or scope of his journey. Now, via his reportage in National Geographic Italia, it is possible to peer inside this incredible and shrinking world. See the full image set via the article here and an English translation below. Gli ultimi uomini renna della Mongolia Sono gli ultimi testimoni di…

Capture of the Day: Petr Barabaka

Instagram. That’s where I came to know the work of Moscow-based street and skate culture photographer & filmmaker Petr Barabaka. What I love about being a writer is that my admiration for work or a place or a moment doesn’t have to stop there. I can keep asking questions. It turns out that Petr is something of a philosopher as well. He’s bold. He’s humble. He’s an amazing artist. He said this about photography and his…

Instagram Takeover: Petr Barabaka

I met Russian photographer Petr Barabaka through Instagram and recently wrote about him and his work for LensCulture. Stay tuned for the article, but this week he’s taking over LensCulture’s Instagram feed. Check it out!     BarabakaInstagramLensCulturePhotographyStreet PhotographyTravel