Painting with the brush of language

“Painting is poetry that is seen rather than felt, and poetry is painting that is felt rather than seen.”   ― Leonardo da Vinci I’m thrilled to share my publishing news here again as the pre-sale period comes to a close soon on March 6. My new full-length collection of poetry, “An Unwavering Horizon” published by Finishing Line Press is now available for pre-order here: … Continue reading Painting with the brush of language

Turning to Art

Our friend from Turkey says language is so delicate he likens it to a darling. We will take this word in our arms. It will be small and breathing. We will not wish to scare it. Pressing lips to the edge of each syllable. Nothing else will save us now. —Naomi Shihab Nye, Darling These strange and disturbing times here in the U.S. are exhausting. … Continue reading Turning to Art

In Desperate Times

In times of darkness, I turn to poetry, things of the heart and soul, grasping. The news from Aleppo this  morning is so, so sad, so horrific. The state of the planet is so desperate. “If only it were our mother.” It was, once. We were, once. Earth Presses Against Us by Mahmoud Darwish Earth is pressing against us, trapping us in the final passage. … Continue reading In Desperate Times

Farewell to Orpheus

Take a stroll through the Portland State University (PSU) campus in downtown Portland, OR USA and you’re bound to come across “Farewell to Orpheus.” I was there yesterday, enjoyed seeing the fountain pool filled with fallen leaves, and wanted to know more about the statue’s history. It was created by former PSU art professor Frederic Littman, a Hungarian-born and Paris educated artist, in 1968. Professor … Continue reading Farewell to Orpheus

Inspired: A Conversation with Award-Winning Indian Poet Vinita Agrawal

I recently had the distinct honor of getting to know the work of internationally acclaimed Indian poet Vinita Agrawal. She graciously agreed to an international-style interview, in English here and translated into French by Paris-based arts & culture blogger Pravesh Bhurtha, founder of Bollywood Sources, whose mission it is to promote Indian cinema, arts & culture in France. See the French-language version HERE: Thank … Continue reading Inspired: A Conversation with Award-Winning Indian Poet Vinita Agrawal

A Matter of Light

In his collection of essays, “What Light Can Do,” former U.S. poet laureate and Pulitzer Prize winner Robert Hass writes that our lost attention to “light,” to what is before us in terms of grace and understanding in the smallest of moments, is a tragedy with huge impacts on the collective and individual psyche. I agree and put together a small album called “A Matter … Continue reading A Matter of Light

If You Wish to Make A Pie from Scratch

I’m making blackberry pies this morning and reminded of a poem I wrote last summer. If You Wish To Make a Pie from Scratch, You Must First Invent the Universe Sunday morning, and I’m picking wild blackberries for a pie with my son. He’s seventeen now, big hands thick and rough as paws, yet gentle, deft around the thorns. We glean fruit along the path … Continue reading If You Wish to Make A Pie from Scratch