Essay: Stone’s Throw From Hell

Human Intervention in the Middle of Nowhere by Gina Williams Originally published by Kudzu House Blood drips from the snake’s mouth and splatters in a semicircle on the hot asphalt. He’s coiled defensively in the road after being struck by a passing vehicle. The large gopher snake is hurt, angry, looking to blame, but he isn’t going to kill me, even if he does manage … Continue reading Essay: Stone’s Throw From Hell

Capture of the Day: Jan Sears

California photographer Jan Sears first took to the skies as a young boy. He began flying with his grandfather at the age of 10. He’s now a traffic pilot and makes stunning aerial images of beautiful San Francisco Bay and surrounding areas. I met Jan at a Magnum Photos workshop in San Francisco. He’s currently working on several projects, including documentary and street photography. He … Continue reading Capture of the Day: Jan Sears

Art Wolfe to Present on Photography as Art in Portland

Nature and travel photographer Art Wolfe of “Travels to the Edge” fame will present a seminar on photography and creativity May 7 in Portland. In the full-day “Photography as Art” workshop, Wolfe will share “innovative ways to translate conceptual ideas into creative results, how to spot the non-obvious, and new ways to expand your visual imagination.” The cost of the seminar is $225. *Images … Continue reading Art Wolfe to Present on Photography as Art in Portland

Farewell to Orpheus

Take a stroll through the Portland State University (PSU) campus in downtown Portland, OR USA and you’re bound to come across “Farewell to Orpheus.” I was there yesterday, enjoyed seeing the fountain pool filled with fallen leaves, and wanted to know more about the statue’s history. It was created by former PSU art professor Frederic Littman, a Hungarian-born and Paris educated artist, in 1968. Professor … Continue reading Farewell to Orpheus

If You Wish to Make A Pie from Scratch

I’m making blackberry pies this morning and reminded of a poem I wrote last summer. If You Wish To Make a Pie from Scratch, You Must First Invent the Universe Sunday morning, and I’m picking wild blackberries for a pie with my son. He’s seventeen now, big hands thick and rough as paws, yet gentle, deft around the thorns. We glean fruit along the path … Continue reading If You Wish to Make A Pie from Scratch

Inspired Natives: New Fashion Exhibit Turning Heads and Breaking Stereotypes

Walking by the Portland, Oregon USA Art Museum (PAM) recently, I had to stop to take in the gorgeous panel images advertising a new exhibit, Native Fashion Now. After reading that the show is a one-of-a-kind traveling exhibition that will be leaving Portland in September for upcoming runs in Oklahoma and NYC, I pitched the story to 1859 Magazine and was lucky enough to get … Continue reading Inspired Natives: New Fashion Exhibit Turning Heads and Breaking Stereotypes

Make Rejection Your Goal

I have an essay out in the latest issue of River Teeth Literary Journal. The piece, “Dark Secrets of Mother Trees,” reminds me that when it comes to writing, it’s important to slow down and let the words come. And to let the science of the world transform itself into art and poetry. And to be okay with rejection. This essay wasn’t picked up on … Continue reading Make Rejection Your Goal

From the Hip….or Not

I received some street photography advice recently to avoid “shooting from the hip” and to slow down and take more time to frame shots. On the other hand, in a workshop, we practiced shooting from the hip as a way to avoid disturbing the scene and capture life as it happens, without interjecting oneself into the surroundings. I don’t always shoot from the hip, but … Continue reading From the Hip….or Not