This Dancing Sky

I’ve never enjoyed being a tourist. I can recall being a teenager at Yellowstone National Park one summer with my family and being utterly dismayed at the crowds of people waiting for Old Faithful to erupt, while thousands of empty acres lie all around. Lucky for those quiet and peaceful, un-trampled acres, I suppose. Well, I’m on the road at the moment on the adventure … Continue reading This Dancing Sky

To See the World in a Grain of Rice: Conservation & Global Food Security with Luca Bracali

I worked with renowned Italian photojournalist, explorer and conservationist Luca Bracali on a recently published piece for LensCulture Magazine on conservation and global food security in Southeast Asia and am very pleased to share it here. The featured photograph (seen below) is titled “Harvest Time” and was named first place in the category: “Cultural Value of Man’s Relationship with Food” in the 2015 Siena International … Continue reading To See the World in a Grain of Rice: Conservation & Global Food Security with Luca Bracali

Photography Inspiration Around the Corner: FujiLove LIVE — Feb.25-26, 2017

Finally, I’m going to New York for the first time in February to attend the “FujiLove Live” event hosted by FujiLove Magazine at Bathhouse Studios. Here’s a great podcast at Valerie Jardin’s podcast with Fujilove Magazine editor Tomash: I love traveling to photography events because it’s always a cultural experience and a learning experience — a chance to expand my world and meet people who … Continue reading Photography Inspiration Around the Corner: FujiLove LIVE — Feb.25-26, 2017

Looking for a true adventure? Look no further.

Renowned Italian photographer, journalist and explorer Luca Bracali has announced his 2017 workshop schedule, with locations including India, Norway, Namibia and Iceland, among others. I met Luca in Italy while attending the 2016 Siena International Photography Awards (SIPA) Contest event and the Siena Art Photo Travel Festival and quickly learned that not only is he a talented photographer, but extremely passionate and dedicated to his … Continue reading Looking for a true adventure? Look no further.

Luca Bracali Gives the Fuji X-T2 a Spin

There’s a lot to love about the October issue of FujiLove Magazine, including Italian photographer and filmmaker Luca Bracali’s test run of the new Fuji new X-T2. I’m looking forward to meeting Mr. Bracali later this month in Siena, Italy where he is a featured photographer with his collection of environmental photography in the 2016 Siena Art Photo Travel Festival  in conjunction with the Siena … Continue reading Luca Bracali Gives the Fuji X-T2 a Spin

Apply Yourself

Check out an informative new podcast with Bob Patterson, editor of Street Photography Magazine and internationally renowned street photographer Valerie Jardin on applying street skills beyond the street. I attended Valerie’s two-day street photography workshop in Paris last January and it was an experience that launched an amazing year of fresh inspiration and new opportunity. Highly recommend! Because we know how to tell a … Continue reading Apply Yourself

From the Hip….or Not

I received some street photography advice recently to avoid “shooting from the hip” and to slow down and take more time to frame shots. On the other hand, in a workshop, we practiced shooting from the hip as a way to avoid disturbing the scene and capture life as it happens, without interjecting oneself into the surroundings. I don’t always shoot from the hip, but … Continue reading From the Hip….or Not

Listening to the Image

I had the great honor of attending the Photo London international photography festival earlier this month at Somerset House. One of the presenters was the über talented singer-songwriter Graham Nash of Crosby, Stills & Nash rock band fame. He’s been collecting photographs and making his own stunning images since 1969. There was only time to ask him one question following the presentation. I’d seen a quote from … Continue reading Listening to the Image

Photographing at the Speed of Life

“Street photography means having to deal with time, which requires the photographer to quickly notice the various details, elements and factors, that are present in the potential subject. The photographer must then determine which of the elements are to be included or excluded from the frame. The effective organization of the various details and factors is determined by accurate framing and precise timing of the … Continue reading Photographing at the Speed of Life