Photojournalist Klaus BO: Circling the globe in search of death

It was a great honor recently to work with Danish documentary photographer Klaus Bo on a new piece for Lensculture. His “Dead and Alive” effort is one of the most unique and passion-driven projects I’ve ever covered. I hope you’ll take a moment to quiet your day and read his story. Continue reading Photojournalist Klaus BO: Circling the globe in search of death

At the Center of Things

“My foot slips on a narrow ledge; in that split second, as needles of fear pierce heart and temples, eternity intersects with present time. Thought and action are not different, and stone, air, ice, sun, fear, and self are one. What is exhilarating is to extend this acute awareness into ordinary moments, in the moment-by-moment experiencing of the lammergeier and the wolf, which, finding themselves … Continue reading At the Center of Things

Spring: Jamie Scott’s Masterpiece

From Petapixel today, the incredible story of filmmaker Jamie Scott’s timelapse wonder, Spring. Watch and be amazed. Read about how he put it all together over three years here: Continue reading Spring: Jamie Scott’s Masterpiece

Capture of the Day: Petr Barabaka

Instagram. That’s where I came to know the work of Moscow-based street and skate culture photographer & filmmaker Petr Barabaka. What I love about being a writer is that my admiration for work or a place or a moment doesn’t have to stop there. I can keep asking questions. It turns out that Petr is something of a philosopher as well. He’s bold. He’s humble. He’s … Continue reading Capture of the Day: Petr Barabaka

Inspiration: Timothy Allen

Excerpt Originally published in Street Photography Magazine I spoke with British photographer and filmmaker Timothy Allen via Skype as I began my day on the West Coast of the United States and he was wrapping up his afternoon on his remote farm in Wales. Although he rarely photographs in urban settings, Allen is an expert when it comes to human culture and interaction. For two … Continue reading Inspiration: Timothy Allen

Art Wolfe to Present on Photography as Art in Portland

Nature and travel photographer Art Wolfe of “Travels to the Edge” fame will present a seminar on photography and creativity May 7 in Portland. In the full-day “Photography as Art” workshop, Wolfe will share “innovative ways to translate conceptual ideas into creative results, how to spot the non-obvious, and new ways to expand your visual imagination.” The cost of the seminar is $225. *Images … Continue reading Art Wolfe to Present on Photography as Art in Portland