Florian Ledoux: Yes, You Can

“Tell me I can’t, and I will prove you wrong.”
—Florian Ledoux

Thank you to Frames Magazine for the opportunity to share French photographer Florian Ledoux’s incredible story of persistence and success.

I hope you enjoy this read! Stay tuned for future editions of “Conversations” via Frames, my new column exploring the passion and motivation behind the lens.

Read the article here: https://bit.ly/35IXFlE

Vue verticale au-dessus d’un ours polaire (ursus maritimus) qui se déplace sur la banquise, en été dans un fjord au alentour de l’île Baffin au nord du Canada, Nunavut, Amérique du Nord. Les ours polaires dépendent de la banquise non seulement pour chasser mais aussi pour se reposer et se reproduire.
Vertical view above a polar bear (ursus maritimus) walking on the pack ice, during summer around Baffin Island, in Canada, Nunavut, North America. . Polar Bears depend on the sea ice as a platform not only for hunting, but also to rest, and reproduce.

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