Where in the World?

Today I’m introducing a new feature: “Where in the World?” showcasing images and photographers I follow around the globe. We can’t travel as much these days due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, but we can appreciate one another’s views and home states, regions, etc. from afar.

Would you like to be featured? Send 1-3 photos of your special corner of the world, along with a brief description, exact location & any social links you’d like shared to [email protected]!

Today’s amazing photo is from my Spanish friend, renowned, award-winning photographer Pedro Ajuriaguerra Saiz.

Location: Bilbao, Spain

Description: “The Spider by sculptor Louise Bourgeois next to the Guggenheim Museum. The reflection produced by a puddle due to the heavy rains, makes one glimpse a world taken from the novel by H.G. Wells, The War of The Worlds.”

Follow Pedro on Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/pedro_ajuriaguerra/

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