Photojournalist Klaus BO: Circling the globe in search of death

It was a great honor recently to work with Danish documentary photographer Klaus Bo on a new piece for Lensculture. His “Dead and Alive” effort is one of the most unique and passion-driven projects I’ve ever covered. I hope you’ll take a moment to quiet your day and read his story.

Dead and Alive – Photographs by Klaus Bo | Essay by Gina Williams | LensCulture

Traveling with death is dangerous. Danish photojournalist and visual anthropologist Klaus Bo has endured a host of accidents and mishaps on his years-long journey to document death rituals around the world, including motorcycle crashes on his way to a rare ceremony in a remote village in Indonesia and in the mountains of Nepal, a threat on his life in Haiti, a two-meter fall into a deep hole in Mexico and even a voodoo spirit that gave him horrific nightmares.

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