Photo of the Day: The Visitation

I’m starting a Photo of the Day feature. Sometimes I’ll share my own work & at other times work from others. If you’d like me to share an image of yours, along with a caption and link to your site/social, please get in touch! Comment here or shoot me a note at

Today’s image is one I took in Pistoia, Italy in fall, 2019. Pistoia is a beautiful medieval down near Florence.

This incredible work of art is The Visitation by Lucca della Robbia. “The Visitation, made for Pistoia’s church of San Giovanni Fuoricivitas before 1445, is considered the earliest large freestanding statue group in glazed terracotta, a new technique originated by the artist, who was not only the first, but was its most expressive (and impressive) exponent.” From La Repubblica

By the way, I highly recommend a visit to Pistoia. It is a city of treasures in terms of people and points of interest. You won’t be disappointed. Here’s a great resource via Pistoia native Michela Ricciarelli:

*Fuji XT1 with Lensbaby Edge 35

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