Capture of the Day: Mostakin Sheikh — “For those who have no voice….”

Bangladeshi photographer Mostakin Sheikh is a 17-year-old student from the city of Khulna. He embraced photography after making his first picture less than two years ago.

“Photography not only my hobby it is my passion,” he says. “Since I love photography, I want to take it as my profession.”

Mostakin is also passionate about using the power of photography to help others. In his own words:

“One of the things that touches me a lot the way of street children live. They are living in a society, but their life is very painful. I want to highlight the plight of the helpless people of the society and the way people live their lives.”

“I want to give voice those people who have no voice. I want to represent my country through photography and I think people are for people. We have to come to the side of society’s helpless people. Then one day they will raise their head in society.”

“Let humanity win.”

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Photographer Mostakin Sheikh

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