Palio! Experience Siena’s Palio tradition through the lens of Luca Venturi

Luca Venturi, founder of Siena International Photography Awards (SIPA) is an award-winning photographer and deeply involved in Siena’s famous Palio tradition, held twice each summer in July and August. I was lucky enough to prepare a story about his experience and images for SIPA’s WorldWide Magazine. Luca also sent me some live feed links below for watching this year’s race events. The race itself is held August 16. See the full schedule below. Best of luck to Luca’s “Dragon” contrada or district where he resides (2018’s winning contrada)!

Palio di Siena with Luca Venturi – Worldwide

For SIPA founder & art director Luca Venturi, Siena’s ancient Palio horse race is much more than just an opportunity to make electrifying images. As a native of Siena and a resident of the “Dragon” contrada or district (2018’s winning contrada), this ancient tradition in his blood.

Watch this year’s events: HERE

Also via RAI TV: HERE

Schedule of Palio Events:

August 14th

  • 9:00 The Second Prova
  • 5:00 The Procession of the “Cero Votivo,” Votive Candle
  • 7:15 The Third Prova

August 15th

  • 9:00 The Fourth Prova
  • 7:15 The Prova Generale
  • Dinner of The Prova Generale afterwards

August 16th

  • 7:30 Mass of the Fantino in the Chapel of Piazza del Campo
  • 9:00 Last Prova, known as the “Provaccia”
  • In the early afternoon, around 2:00, in the church of every contrada which participates in the Palio there is the Benediction of the Horses and of the Fantino
  • 4:00 The Closing of Piazza del Campo begins
  • The only entrance way is at Via Dupre until 6:00 when the piazza is completely closed.
  • 5:00 The beginning of the historic pageant
  • 7:00 The corsa begins
  • After the Victory: Te deum of thanks in the Duomo of Siena

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