Lighthouses & Lifting Fog

Yesterday was full of exploring and note-taking all along Washington’s Long Beach Peninsula, from lighthouse walks to a visit to the World Kite Museum (home of the Washington State International Kite Festival) near the Long Beach boardwalk, craft brew tasting at my friends Erik & Michelle’s amazing North Jetty Brewing, a rich meal of fresh-caught halibut prepared by top chef Michael Lalewicz at The Depot & even a beach bonfire complete with s’mores.

This morning I was ready for some more contemplative time, so I got up before sunrise & went to the Ilwaco Marina and Black Lake to watch the sun slowly rise above the bay as fog rolled in off the Pacific, fishing boats at the ready in the dark, glassy water.

Black Lake reminded me a lot of childhood summers on Whidbey Island, Washington where my grandparents built a cozy vacation cabin. I loved getting up early to hit Honeymoon Lake for a morning of fishing, rowing through the mist on the water, watching the golden, sun-dazzled water drip like honey off my oars…. that satisfying tug on the line when the first trout took the bait. And I appreciated the time to myself — time to think and just be.

Just when I was starting to feel hungry, I’d be called back to the cabin by my grandmother, who would toot the signal on her wooden train whistle. I’d hustle back, clean my fish & take them to the kitchen where she’d fry them up for breakfast.

Such good memories. GREAT memories. And there are plenty more to make, starting right here, today.

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    1. Thanks so much for commenting and for the link to your blog post — wonderful! It’s definitely an area worth exploring!

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