Conflitti e Armonie: The starting point for progress

Conflicts and Harmonies,” a new installation by renowned artist Luigi Petracchi opens this weekend in beautiful Pistoia, Italy.

The show is described by curator Laura Monaldi as “an introspective invitation to personal reflection; an invitation to ‘descend’ within the most complex, deep and ancestral themes with which modern man lives, often ignoring its existence. From artistic creation – pages wisely elaborated by hand and chemically, endowed with an unusual aesthetic form, out of the ordinary and bearers of wisdom – up to the spectacular staging of the poetic expression through an exceptional display, the artist brings the user to the center of debate and confrontation of the idea of ​​an open society versus a closed society, provoking questions and pushing us to reflect, as contemporary art can also be the starting point for progress.”

The exhibition runs from Sat., March 30 to April 27.

Petracchi’s luminescent works utilizing paper and mixed media are fully described HERE in English and Italian:

Congrats, Luigi!

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