Where are we going and why?

In an age where attention on social media has literally become a form of currency, it’s refreshing to listen to two of my favorite creatives — The Candid Frame host Ibarionex Perello and Swiss street photographer & FujiLove podcast host Jens Krauer — turn the tables and engage in an inspiring conversation about photography, art, creativity, focus & meaning.

“What I enjoy most about him is his thoughtful approach to being creative,” Ibarionex says of Jens Krauer. “He is a photographer who sees photography as not merely a way to feed one’s ego with likes and thumbs-up, but as the means to express something about himself and the people he comes into contact with.”

Tune out the noise of the world for a bit & tune into this. I think you’ll be glad you did.

The Candid Frame #451 – Jens Krauer

Jens Krauer is a street photographer, educator and podcaster based in Switzerland. In a relatively short time, he has become a talented photographer and brings a thoughtful philosophy to the practice of making images. As the host of the FujiLove podcast, he frequently interviews photographers not o

*Feat. image © Gina Williams 2019

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