Stark Realities

“The Snow is melting into music.”
–John Muir, John of the Mountains, The Unpublished Journals of John Muir

No symptoms. No family history.

I haven’t touched these pages for some time because since October, health issues had my creative mind frozen in a thick, cold web of anxiety. It was in early October that a routine colonoscopy after turning 50 in August revealed a serious problem. I was diagnosed with colon cancer in November and had to wait until January for major surgery. I’m fine now and thankfully cancer-free, but the whole process, along with income disruption and simultaneous job changes just made me feel quite “blank” inside. I finally feel whole again & my mind is starting to open up once more. It’s been strange and disturbing not to have the constant stream of creative thought present that has rushed like a river through my brain ever since I can remember. But finally, after a winter of literal cold and ice and mental snow, I can feel the thaw. The snow is at last melting into music and I am grateful.

Don’t put off health screenings & if you have family history, get them done early.

And embrace the light with all of your being.



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