Put Your Heart In Every Frame: Valerie Jardin publishes new Street Photography Ebook

Acclaimed street photographer Valerie Jardin has a brilliant new eBook available that’s full of advice on everything from respectful and anonymous documentation methods to utilizing shadows, capturing beautiful silhouettes and utilizing creative filters. See the download link below.

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“Always keep in mind that
documentary photography is
important and has historical value,
as long as it is done respectfully.”
–Valerie Jardin,
Anonymous: How to Shoot Street Photography Without Revealing Your Subjects

ANONYMOUS: How To Shoot Street Photography Without Revealing Your Subjects

If you are an introvert and the simple thought of getting close to a stranger makes you sweat, or if you live in a country where posting identifiable pictures of people on social media is frowned upon, or simply if getting close to people to photograph them feels too sneaky or obtrusive, know that there are other ways to practice the beautiful genre of street photography without getting close to your subject.

**Images copyright Valerie Jardin

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