A portal through which others can dream: Photography by Andrea Giandomenico

It was a pleasure to write about Italian photographer Andrea Giandomenico’s work recently for Street Photography Magazine. The moment I saw his striking images from rural Italy, I asked him for permission to propose a feature. The piece explores a different and more difficult type of street photography and the importance of capturing the spirit of a place and its people without being a disruptive force in the process.

Andrea Giandomenico’s Le Marche

Le Marche, the third region, along with Tuscany and Umbria, that makes up central Italy, is a photographer’s dream – known for some of Italy’s most incredible wildlife and landscapes. It is also a region defined by humble and hardworking farmers who make a living from the land and help feed their communities and the world.

To my delight and surprise, Andrea and the article were also featured recently by Italian media!

Congrats, Andrea. Special thanks to Radio Linea program directors David Romano and Marco Adami. It was a pleasure to write about Andrea’s work & I’m thrilled to share his continued to success as an artist! See more of his photography here: https://500px.com/andreagiandomenico

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