“So I quit that job…” Rick Fogel’s artistic legacy

When I saw musician Rick Fogel busking on the main street in La Conner, Washington, USA, I put some money in his collection jar, snapped his photo and asked him for his business card. I immediately knew I’d be writing more about him one day. I think you’ll find his story as cool & inspiring as I did.  

Watch for Rick playing dulcimer and fiddle on the streets of Seattle and La Conner. He’s also a renowned craftsman and writer.

Seattle physicist Rick Fogel turns to music

n 1972, Rick Fogel published a master’s thesis in the journal Nuclear Physics with a weighty title: “Measurements and Analysis of the 14N(d.n)150 Reaction at a Deuteron Energy of 5.16 MeV.” And with that, he was on his way to a career in science.

P.S. — I highly recommend a visit to the lovely community of La Conner: http://lovelaconner.com/ 

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