Featured at LensCulture: Michel Giaccaglia’s ‘Wild Garden’

When I first saw Italian photographer Michel Giaccaglia’s images from his “Wild Garden” series, shot near his home in Le Marche region of Italy, I instantly felt transported. There is magic in his images that took me inside of the secret natural world that lives on around us — whether we are in the thick of it on a hike or merely peering at pieces of it from our apartment windows. Michel’s dedication to this project that spans many years of documentation is inspiring. I was very happy that LensCulture agreed to publish his images and the story of how he made them. Enjoy.

Wild Garden – Photographs by Michel Giaccaglia | Text by Gina Williams | LensCulture

When professional cameraman and world traveler Michel Giaccaglia had to take a break from his itinerant schedule to care for his aging dog, he turned his lens towards home. Three years in the making, his documentary, Wild Garden, focuses on the natural landscapes of his home region of Le Marche, Italy.

See additional images not included in the LensCulture piece below. Follow Michel’s work on Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/michel.giaccaglia/


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    1. How wonderful, Lorraine! Where are you from and what took you to that region in particular?

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