Month: July 2017

Culture Outpost: That first taste of sky

“A free man can live on fish. Independence is better than meat.” ― Halldór Laxness, Independent People I once asked a National Geographic photographer if he had a favorite shooting location. “The place I’ve haven’t been to yet,” he said, is always his favorite. I feel…

Capture of the Day: Andrea Giandomenico

In 1942, amidst the fuel rationing of World War II, great American photographer Ansel Adams attempted to get some sleep on a bench at the train depot in Livingston, Montana with 280 pounds of camera gear piled next to him. Yellowstone Lake by Ansel…

distant rain

Bandon, Oregon… An Attractive Coastal Town Where Trash Becomes Art

of solitude

The weight of the world / is love / Under the burden / of solitude, / under the burden / of dissatisfaction / the weight, / the weight we carry / is love ‘Song’, Allen Ginsberg

Death Row at age nine: Sadegh Souri documents Iran’s ‘Waiting Girls’

Death Row at Age Nine: Sadegh Souri documents Iran’s “Waiting Girls”

Capture of the Day: Mel Rolleri – “Love Wins”

NYC’s 2017 Pride Parade with Photographer Mel Rolleri

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