The Magic of Infrared

Infrared photography has long been an interest of mine. I shot a little infrared film in college and have dabbled in it ever since. One aspect of photography that I’m fascinated with is capturing a view of the world that is real and surreal at once. I also experiment occasionally with long exposure digital infrared using an IR filter.

Recently, I finally had my old Canon Rebel T2i converted to color digital infrared & am just starting to get a handle on shooting images and processing them. I’m hoping to give time lapse IR video a try in the near future. These images were shot with the converted camera at Lan Su Chinese Garden in Portland, Oregon USA and Tryon Creek Natural Area, also in Portland.

I utilized Life Pixel for the conversion. The company just happens to be located near my hometown on Whidbey Island, Washington USA in Muckilteo north of Seattle.

Here are a few helpful links:

Anyone out there with digital IR tips — I’d love to hear from you!

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