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“Best of June” — Check out LensCulture’s latest list of competitions, grants & more

Wow, what a list! LensCulture’s June lineup of prizes, competitions, grants & workshops is now up. If you know of other opportunities coming up in June or later this summer, please feel free to post them in the comments here!  *Featured images: Hans Wagner & The Quickstep, NYC Library Digital collections, public domain ArtfestivalsGrantsLensCulturePhotographyprizesworkshops

Culture Outpost: Norway’s Krambua Restaurant!

One of my favorite experiences in Norway was dining at Krambua Restaurant located in the picturesque fishing village of Hamnøy on the eastern side of Moskenesøya, an island in Norway’s stunning Lofoten Archipelago. Noemi and Mikael Björkman have operated the restaurant since February 2015 and are passionate about their fresh, seasonal food and treating every guest to a special, unique experience. Noemi is Italian and chef Mikael is from Sweden. They actually met at a wedding…

Essay: At the Edge of Everything

Mooseskin Boats and Blind Dares: Navigating Our Way Back from the Edge of Oblivion by Gina Williams We’d driven south from Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada towards the Mackenzie Bison Sanctuary where the world’s largest remaining herd of wild bison roams. Of course, I’d looked at maps, but beyond Yellowknife, the provincial capital, the water-to-land ratio changes dramatically and it was difficult to see on paper what might be a dirt track through the lake country…

Spring: Jamie Scott’s Masterpiece

From Petapixel today, the incredible story of filmmaker Jamie Scott’s timelapse wonder, Spring. Watch and be amazed. Read about how he put it all together over three years here: ArtartistCentral ParkFilmmakerFlowersinnovationInspirationJamie ScottnatureNew YorkNYCPetapixelscienceSpring

Detroit Stories with Amy Sacka

I’m very happy to share Amy Sacka’s profile here, posted at LensCulture today. I hope you’ll read it and follow Amy and her work. She’s truly a talent — driven and passionate with a mission I applaud to bring about understanding in a complicated world.