Capture of the Day: Lou Jones

I caught up with Boston-based photographer Lou Jones last fall when I had a long layover in the city. In the past year, I’ve made a practice of interviewing at least one photographer or artist in every city I visit while traveling and I’m so glad I do. There’s no substitute for meeting these amazing artists in person. I did a Google search for street photographers in Boston, found Lou and tracked him down by email.

As I described in a previous post, Lou rushed back from a photography conference in New York City to meet me for breakfast before I flew out in the afternoon. I later wrote about him for Street Photography Magazine‘s December 2016 issue (cover story).

Lou is a passionate humanitarian and the founder of the #panAFRICAproject, an incredible effort that utilizes the power of photography to break down stereotypes and show the world the real Africa in all of its beauty, community and innovation. Recently, I heard Lou talking about the project on a Skip Cohen University podcast “Why?” series episode and wanted to share his work again.

Listen here:

Thanks, Lou! You’re always an inspiration!


Images copyright Lou Jones.

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