Let Your Heart Be Your Compass: Podcast with Street Photographer Valerie Jardin!

Thank you so much to street photographer, instructor, storyteller and light whisperer Valerie Jardin for the great honor of including me as a guest on her “Hit the Streets” podcast (of which I am a huge fan) recently. Take a listen as we chat about changing up our lives, following dreams and working hard to keep it all going. Thanks again, Valerie. I appreciate you and your talent — and all you do to teach, share and help make connections around the world.

Listen Here: http://valeriejardinphotography.com/podcast/2017/4/11/let-your-heart-be-your-compass-with-gina-williams

I also discussed similar themes in my art piece for Cargo Literary here: https://cargoliterary.com/article/happiness-wily-not-wait/




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