FujiLove Live 2017 Recap: Never Stop Learning

JensKrauer_Fujilove NY-15_ValerieJardin (1)Street photography with Valerie Jardin

**Thank you to Swiss FujiX photographer Jens Krauer for sharing images from the event. Check out his work here: http://fujifilm-x.com/photographers/jens-krauer/

JensKrauer_Fujilove NY-17_Program

FujiLove Magazine editor Tomasz (Tomash) Trzebiatowski had never been to New York City when he began planning the FujiLove Live conference held February 25-26.

But bringing photographers from around the world to the Big Apple was a big part of his vision. After one trip to NYC to scout for a location, he set his plan into motion, lining up a talented panel and securing sponsors.

The result was a dynamic and successful weekend of instruction and inspiration at Bathhouse Studios, a photography studio and center located in NYC’s vibrant, artsy East Village.

JensKrauer_Fujilove NY-11_DamienLovegrove
Live action lighting presentation with Damien Lovegrove

A star lineup packed the event with a wide range of advice and hands-on demonstrations from professional photographers across the spectrum – street photography with Valerie Jardin; lighting techniques with portrait master Damien Lovegrove; innovative travel photography, processing and drone photography with Elia Locardi; artistic inspiration and creative post-processing with Karen Hutton.

With sponsors including Fujifilm and Foto Care, the two-day conference also offered an opportunity to try out new Fuji X cameras and get a free camera check by Foto Care technicians.

JensKrauer_Fujilove NY-14_FBlive

It’s just a bite of the apple, but here are a few of my favorite tidbits of street advice from Valerie Jardin.

Valerie Jardin:

“The fear of not getting the shot has to be stronger than the fear of taking it.”

“The goal in a year is to make maybe 10 printable images.”

“You should be able to do your best work in your own city.”

“It’s not your technical ability, but your ability to see that will make you a good photographer.”

And from portrait photographer and lighting expert Damien Lovegrove, great advice for all genres and art forms:

“The moment you stop learning is the moment when you stop having the passion to do what you do.”

Stay tuned — Tomash is planning another FujiLove Live event — somewhere in the world — and there’s no doubt it will be another stellar event.

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