A Learning Weekend in SanFran: More than Just Pretty Images

fb_img_1485583023382_peThanks to California photographer Jan Sears for the opportunity to share his recent post about a Magnum Photography workshop we both attended in San Francisco. It was a fantastic experience. Great write-up, Jan! I’ll continue on the SanFran theme in the days to come with some information about the Photofairs festival also going on during my visit, as well as come city experiences.

“Those of you familiar with Magnum Photography know that they are the foremost photography collective in the world. I was fortunate enough to get a spot in a two day workshop. The workshop was titled, “Long term photographic projects: Creating and sustaining a long term body of work.”  I have wanted to do a long term project and have begun a small body of work photographing people at work. The problem is that it isn’t very personal. It’s fun and challenging but comes from my mind not my heart, something I found over the course of this workshop is the real key to having a long term body of work that means something more then just pretty images.

The weekend started with introductions of the 30 photographers that had come to better themselves and hopefully learn about their motivation to tell stories. I was immediately blown away with the caliber of photographers I was in the midst of. Many had long term projects already in the works, some deeply rooted in their personal history or hometowns- Really powerful work. The kind I would like to someday produce.”

Read Jan’s full article here: https://www.janthemanphoto.com/sfenviro/2017/2/5/two-days-in-san-francisco-at-the-magnum-photo-workshop

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