Turning to Art

Our friend from Turkey says language is so delicate he likens it to a darling. We will take this word in our arms. It will be small and breathing. We will not wish to scare it. Pressing lips to the edge of each syllable. Nothing else will save us now. —Naomi Shihab Nye, Darling These strange and disturbing times here in the U.S. are exhausting. … Continue reading Turning to Art

Interview: LensCulture Managing Editor Alexander Strecker

I recently had the great honor to meet with Alexander Strecker, managing editor of contemporary photography powerhouse LensCulture at his Paris office. Alexander’s background as a writer and photographer, as well as his journey from his hometown of Boston to living and working in Paris intrigued me, so I followed up with him. He was kind enough to answer my questions with thoughtful, thought-provoking and … Continue reading Interview: LensCulture Managing Editor Alexander Strecker

Instagram Takeover: Petr Barabaka

I met Russian photographer Petr Barabaka through Instagram and recently wrote about him and his work for LensCulture. Stay tuned for the article, but this week he’s taking over LensCulture’s Instagram feed. Check it out! https://www.instagram.com/lensculture/     Continue reading Instagram Takeover: Petr Barabaka

Take a Walk on the Wild Side: Oregon’s Big Sky Country

Getting to the far reaches of Oregon in the middle of winter has its challenges. But upon cresting the hill on Catlow Valley Road before descending into the community of Fields and seeing the snow-covered flanks of Steens Mountain and surrounding hills glittering like a dream, I’m always happy to have made the trip. See the full write-up and more images here at Oregon’s 1859 … Continue reading Take a Walk on the Wild Side: Oregon’s Big Sky Country

Photographer Profile: Luca Bracali

FujiLove Magazine recently published an article I wrote on renowned Italian photojournalist, explorer and conservationist Luca Bracali. Over the past year, I’ve traveled the world interviewing amazing artists like Luca who are dedicated to making a difference in the world. For them, being an accomplished practitioner & commercially and/or artistically successful isn’t enough. The common denominators between them are passion and a strong desire to … Continue reading Photographer Profile: Luca Bracali

A Learning Weekend in SanFran: More than Just Pretty Images

Thanks to California photographer Jan Sears for the opportunity to share his recent post about a Magnum Photography workshop we both attended in San Francisco. It was a fantastic experience. Great write-up, Jan! I’ll continue on the SanFran theme in the days to come with some information about the Photofairs festival also going on during my visit, as well as come city experiences. “Those of … Continue reading A Learning Weekend in SanFran: More than Just Pretty Images