Photographer Profile: Majid Saeedi

Majid9.jpgIt was an honor to have the opportunity to share the colorful street photography of Majid Saeedi via LensCulture recently (all images shown taken via mobile).

I met the Iranian photographer briefly at the Siena International Photography Awards (SIPA) awards ceremony in Siena, Italy last October and followed up with this article on his amazing work and inspiring philosophy about the art of making images:


Read more about him and the work of British photographer and filmmaker Timothy Allen here:

I’ve learned a lot about slowing down from talking with pro’s from around the world over the past year. Many of them, like Majid, who will go long periods in a new city without making a single image, take a zen-like approach to photography. Another photographer, Lou Jones of Boston, who I interviewed for Street Photography Magazine, put it this way: “Move glacially,” he said. “Become part of the wall.”

NOTE: The 2017 SIPA competition deadline is Feb. 15!


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