Luca Venturi: Passion and A Vision

venturi1“When I’m behind my camera I think nothing but taking a shot that will remind me the same emotions I’m experiencing in that instant. It the only time when my mind is as free as it was when I was child.”
-Luca Venturi


Is there anything better than something amazing built from scratch, beginning with nothing but an idea? Luca Venturi, an amateur (and really, really good) photographer from Siena, Italy has done just that. In only a few years, he transformed his idea to bring a world-renowned photography competition and photography-oriented experiential travel experience to Siena into a hugely successful event that draws entries and participation from around the globe. This year’s event kicks off on Oct. 29. Follow the festival on Twitter:

Read my interview with Mr. Venturi, founder of the Siena International Photography Awards (SIPA) Contest and Siena Art Photo Travel Festival here at Street Photography Magazine:


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