Listening to the Image

I had the great honor of attending the Photo London international photography festival earlier this month at Somerset House. One of the presenters was the über talented singer-songwriter Graham Nash of Crosby, Stills & Nash rock band fame. He’s been collecting photographs and making his own stunning images since 1969. There was only time to ask him one question following the presentation. I’d seen a quote from … Continue reading Listening to the Image

Nostalgic For 20 Seconds Ago

Imagine landing a photography commission from Converse at age 15 and then having your career explode like fireworks. That’s the story of ultra-talented 22-year-old photographer Olivia Bee, a Portlander (Oregon) who is now based in Brooklyn. In January, she was featured as one of Forbe’s “30 under 30” to watch list of artists and style innovators. Olivia will be back home in Stumptown this weekend … Continue reading Nostalgic For 20 Seconds Ago

Photographing at the Speed of Life

“Street photography means having to deal with time, which requires the photographer to quickly notice the various details, elements and factors, that are present in the potential subject. The photographer must then determine which of the elements are to be included or excluded from the frame. The effective organization of the various details and factors is determined by accurate framing and precise timing of the … Continue reading Photographing at the Speed of Life

Public Domain Bliss: New York Public Library’s Digital Collections

Collage is one of my favorite mediums and I often use vintage images when creating work, usually beginning with a base of my own photography. But copyright is always a concern so I’m very careful to make sure all of my images come from the public domain. One of the best resources I’ve found is the New York Public Library’s digital collection. The images are … Continue reading Public Domain Bliss: New York Public Library’s Digital Collections