Fly Little Bird: Le Pigeon Ditching Tipping

Le Pigeon

Kudos to another Portland restaurant (and a very fine one too) for announcing recently that tipping will end soon in favor of higher base wages for employees.

Le Pigeon, one of my favorite #PDX restaurants (French-inspired, inventive comfort food with a hip Portland flair) announced recently that tipping will be eliminated by June, with Little Bird, the other restaurant owned by Gabriel Rucker and Andy Fortgang to go tipless soon after, once the kinks are worked out.

I bellied up to the chef’s bar last night for a mind-blowing meal (they all are) of rabbit ravioli appetizer (so fitting for Easter Sunday) followed by the main course dish of “Roasted Tails & Trotters Pork” with potato spätzle, clam cream, cockles & pickled peppers. Oh my.

I know what it’s like to wait tables for a living. Back in the day my base pay at a nice restaurant near Tempe, AZ was barely above $1 per hour. The worst tipper I ever served was the well-to-do mayor of Phoenix at the time (the filthy rich %$&*).  I’m proud of Portland and restaurants like Le Pigeon for taking good care of customers with delicious, inventive cuisine and their staff with competitive pay.

As Oregon’s new higher minimum wage kicks in, this trend should become more and more common, a good trend indeed. A decent living is a decent living, no matter how you slice it.

Check out Le Pigeon at and Little Bird here


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