Beneath the Bridge

It’s like the person the items belonged to has been taken up in the Rapture. That’s what I think when I see “left behind” things around the city. Like these old shoes under Portland’s Burnside Bridge. Like a pair of perfectly good mittens by the side of the freeway or a baby stroller abandoned on the sidewalk. The other day, I saw a woman’s dress … Continue reading Beneath the Bridge

On the Move: Street Photography Tips for Stopping Time

I found a wall with bright light coming in at a late winter angle….and waited. It was perfect. People and their shadows came strolling by creating a delightful effect against the stark background. But all the movement made it tricky to get clear shots, so I re-grouped and found some great advice for some technical tightening that made a huge difference. Check out these expert … Continue reading On the Move: Street Photography Tips for Stopping Time

Born to Be Blue

Ethan Hawke plays famed trumpet player Chet Baker in Born to  Be Blue, a new indie film by writer/director Robert Budreau depicting Baker’s troubled & tumultuous life and attempted comeback. My favorite review so far is by Dwight Brown, National Press Photographers Association (NPPA) News Wire Film Critic. I’m looking forward to seeing this film for myself. Born to Be Blue opened nationally to … Continue reading Born to Be Blue

Fly Little Bird: Le Pigeon Ditching Tipping

Kudos to another Portland restaurant (and a very fine one too) for announcing recently that tipping will end soon in favor of higher base wages for employees. Le Pigeon, one of my favorite #PDX restaurants (French-inspired, inventive comfort food with a hip Portland flair) announced recently that tipping will be eliminated by June, with Little Bird, the other restaurant owned by Gabriel Rucker and Andy … Continue reading Fly Little Bird: Le Pigeon Ditching Tipping


Portland, Oregon’s Japanese Garden is undergoing a major renovation. The garden recently reopened after a long closure, but construction is still underway with exciting changes coming in the near future. I first visited the garden as a child when I went with a student group. I was fascinated by the tea ceremony, the structures and details. I’ve been going back ever since. In 1958, Portland … Continue reading PDX Zen

Old Paree: Street Photography in Paris

A couple of years ago I decided it was time to get my butt off this continent and finally go to Europe. Paris, specifically, had been on my mind for a long time. The desire was cemented during a conversation with my 89-year-old Grandmother who had always wanted to go and didn’t. Now she can’t because of health issues and age. Our conversation sparked this … Continue reading Old Paree: Street Photography in Paris